Grace and Truth🙏

Hello reader 👋

I thank God almighty for your precious life and taking the time to read this message. I pray that God’s holy presence and love will manifest through this post wherever you are in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

God’s love 💕 and righteousness 🙏

God doesn’t want us to be religious.

God doesn’t want us to have everything in order before we come to Him.

He wants us to freely accept His love.

The gift of grace is Jesus Christ, undeservingly, dying for our past, present and future sins. Through His death, God is now offering eternal life as a free gift to us all by simply believing in Jesus. By believing in Jesus, we inherit the ability to become righteous in God’s eye.

Do it on my own??? 🧐😇:

You cannot be righteous (morally pefect) by yourself‼️

We were all born into sin (Psalm 51:5)!

Jesus said in Matthew 7:17-18 NKJV :

[17] “Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. [18] A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.”

So if we are born with a sinful nature how can we, in our own strength, strive for moral perfection and holiness? Aren’t we deceiving ourselves?

Imperfect perfectionists 😫:

You cannot perfect what you don’t have!! This is why the world constantly chases after vain perfectionism, from the perfect body shape, to the filtered Instagram pic, but cannot find rest.

This vain pursuit is shown by countless celebrities, like Mike Tyson claiming to be most depressed soon after becoming the Heavyweight Champion of the world at 20 years of age! . Or, in other words, what he perceived as perfect and most fulfilling, before achieving, was a hopeless lie. True perfection is not found in materialistic possessions. It is found in morality.

Evil world, Good God:

Unfortunately, Society is completely immoral and imperfect. We have made evil good and good evil.

Our current Society celebrates abortions like birthday parties. It desensitises our youth with a rap culture that glorifies murder, adultery and rebellion against law. It makes pornography so accessible and wonders why rape, paedophilia and sex-trafficking won’t go away! This world is in desperate need of a Saviour. And his name is Jesus Christ.

He lived a sinless life, and took the penalty of our sins by dying on the cross for us.

He can take all the evil out of our hearts and give us a new, pure heart of righteousness, that desires what is right in God’s eyes. But it takes humility to acknowledge the evil dwelling within our hearts and faith in Jesus to receive this inward transformation.

Thank you for reading this far!

For part 2 please follow the link below👇👇

God bless ❤️

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