A collage of thoughts

feelings come and go, seasons come and change yet He remains the same

ALPHA and OMEGA, BEGINNING and the END. He writes my story. It will end in glory for me. I just wish we could skip to the good part already. Heaven, the angels singing, no pain, purity, peace, everlasting joy. But there’s a glory in this. A glory in the fighting and triumphing against demons, waging war against these fleshly desires; it’s all part of his amazing story. I got to see it from his perspective. This suffering cannot be compared to the glory I’ll see.

And I hope we meet each other there.

But he has to Know me first and you too.

Read that again

Does He know you?

Does He know me?

Is the confession of my love for him true? Do I keep His commands in my heart?

Are my treasures really stored in heaven?


lets just surrender to the spirit. Do what his word says. Love HIM with all our hearts, all our soul, all our mind and all our strength.

Are you a Christian when your alone in your room?

I hear God say turn the snapchat of and spend some real time with me.

Stop the tweeting and start pressing into our purpose

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