Jesus is beautiful

All creation will join in one song saying “the heavens declare You are beautiful, You are beautiful. There is none like You. You alone our worthy of all honour and..,

But my lifestyle isn’t reflecting this atm. I just want to be perfect for u. But that’s selfish. If I want perfection I wouldn’t need you. Even in heaven, I want to need You. Even more than I do now. Beholding your beauty. Your love for me because You are Love.

You died that I may be close to You, washed clean by Your blood 🩸

There’s not a sin You have not payed for on the cross. ✝️

Where else would I go?……nothing else can satisfy me Lord. Where can I flee from your presence?

You pursue me. Oh You pursue me. You come running after me as a Shepherd does for his runaway sheep 🐑

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