Lord, my flesh is deceiving me again. It lusts against my Spirit. A tug of war. I don’t know who I should let win this time. Why does it have to be so hard to choose you? 😫

It’s ETERNAL LIFE or ETERNAL FIRE 🔥. But in the moment of temptation… 🤝😈

I’m starving my Soul! This precious time I should be redeeming in your Holy presence Lord, I’m scrolling away on Tik tok, ⏰ and very soon tick tock the trumpet sounds 🎺 , will I abide in Him or will I drown in this sea of deception?Confused and lost, don’t know where to turn, cause the flesh has grown and my Spirit doesn’t have control. Demons are attacking cause the doors I’ve opened so,

I look to you Jesus, for deliverance

Please save my soul, again

Your word is honey to my soul. It brings me comfort. You’re my Deliverer. Mighty warrior, Gracious Saviour 💜 Yes Jehovah is your name.

But still,

I’m Craving to indulge rather than to seek your face.

Was I naive to think you would just take all these fleshly lusts away?

God: Yes

Love always pays a price

Your price is your flesh on the altar. You’re My living sacrifice. You’re My Beloved Bride. For you My Son died and I’m granting you ETERNAL LIFE; Just hold on. It’s all worth it in the End. Because I’m the End.

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