Pour your heart out to Him

O LORD, my soul! That’s all

That doesn’t even make sense but you know what I mean

Forgive me for my sins. Cleanse me from my iniquity. I want to sing of your Goodness, that leads me to repentance.

Sometimes I just want this whole ‘life’ to be over. Want to be in Heaven with You already. I don’t know if that’s love or selfishness cause I know there’s much work to do for your Kingdom 👑 .

I will prophecy in Jesus name!

I will be bold in Jesus name! 🦁Persecution is coming – Don’t want to deny you 😫 I love you LORD, I really do. I’m just a broken vessel that needs you every day.

But I’m sinning still and losing my ways. LORD, do you hear me? Have mercy please.

I don’t want to strive to be perfect any more. I want to fix my eyes on You. The Perfecter and Author of my faith.



I open doors that no man can shut. I close doors that no man can open. The door to My will is in your consecration. Set yourself apart to Me. Remove all distractions now! I miss your presence my child! I miss the way you would cry out to me when you were in the fire, Or the time you spent sitting at my feet, being still in my presence. I can see your burdened down by the weight of this calling. Cast your cares on me. I will sustain you. Take some time of social media and come away into my presence. Where you will be restored, revived and ready to do my will. I’ve got so much in store for you my child. I can’t wait to see my story unfold in your life.

Love you forever

Your Heavenly Father



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