Lord I don’t wanna compete with everyone. I know I’m in a different race. I’m in a faith marathon that requires endurance, and a steady pace of grace but…..

I’m tempted to leave the race and just let my flesh loose and chase the fleeting pleasures of life but i know it will devour me, it’s a snare for my soul.

That’s what your holy word says.

My new man cries “don’t do it!” By my flesh is too strong.

Feeling weak.

Lost , confused, I don’t know how I can move on from this feeling.


Drawn away by my own desires.

Jesus you’re what I really want really need, please help my unbelief (that’s the stronghold).

Thinking that this sensual pleasure will satisfy my truest needs. O Lord I need mercy. May your mercy and grace never leave me, or forsake me. Jesus help me to truly turn from my wicked ways.



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